(left to right) Priscilla Beall, Dorothy Reasoner, Beth Reasoner, Ward Reasoner, Sarah Hastings Kelly, Andy Reasoner, Rae F. Reasoner, Bud Reasoner

The Florida Historical Marker Program recognizes historic resources, persons and events that are significant in the areas of architecture, archaeology, Florida history and traditional culture by promoting the placement of historic markers and plaques at sites of historical and visual interest to visitors. The purpose of the program is to increase public awareness of the rich cultural heritage of the state and to enhance the enjoyment of historic sites in Florida by its citizens and tourists. There are two designations: a Florida Heritage Site (for sites/events 30+ years) or a Florida Heritage Landmark (for sites/events 50+ years).

In 1981 the work of Pliny and Egbert Reasoner was recognized with a Florida Heritage Landmark marker in conjunction with the centennial celebration of Reasoners, Inc. The marker was dedicated at the nursery site where the Royal Palm 20 Theater and the Royal Palm Terrace Apartments stand today. Recently refurbished, the marker now stands in front of the offices of Royal Palm Nurseries located on the family homestead property at 3004 53rd Avenue East, Bradenton and details their accomplishments as Pioneer Florida Nurserymen.